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•  "This ethics workshop answered questions I've had about our industry for 20 years." -Richard Blankenship
•  "Highly qualified and knowledgeable presenter."- Faith Arkel
•  "The content and quality of the material and presentation was superb!" – Barbara Lattimore
•  "Thank you Eric for your service to our field! Eric is extremely knowledgeable and has a knack for explaining that knowledge in a clear and curious way. “- Michelle Kegley
•  "Deeper than theoretical. Grounded in real life experiences."- Shanna Jackson

"Documentation and Freedom
in Supervision Ethics"

6 HR CPCS NBCC ethics training that will reduce
your worry and anxieties of supervising.

"...gave me the knowledge I need to actually provide clinical supervision in an ethical and organized manner." - Kelly Michaud, LCSW The Resilience Group
"Extremely thorough information for our new LPC supervision program. Thank you." - Angela Wheelus

6 NBCC Hours for CPCS
3/27/2020 Friday

Seeking that CPCS credential? This supervision ethics workshop will teach you the process for reaching the ultimate goal in providing clinical supervision: freedom from apprehension, anxiety, tentativeness, and concerns about supervisor liabilities so you can focus on developing your supervisees into competent therapists.

Course Objectives:
1) Participants will demonstrate knowledge of critical factors in
interviewing and selecting candidates for supervision.
2) Participants will learn a system of proactive documentation that simplifies

documentation of supervision sessions. 
3) Participants will demonstrate abilities to remove constraints and
obstacles and promote ethical supervision to be more enjoyable and rewarding.
4) Participants will learn a solid and ethical rationale and system for knowing
what and how to document supervision.

"Dual Relationships: The Anatomy
of a Boundary Crossing"

5 HR Ethics: Learn to know how to avoid them.
Over 17 case examples are provided.

Client advocacy, improper termination, violating confidences of colleagues, addiction, bartering, practicing beyond your expertise--did you know all can reveal dual relationships and poor boundary management? Learn to know when and how to avoid them. Over 15 case examples are provided.

"Well needed ethics workshop. This should be a required ethics for all clinical employees and supervisors." - Ira Bennett LCSW
"He simplified difficult situations." Judy Thompson LCSW
"...real life applicability and use of examples to highlight how nuanced ethics can be." Matt Hunter LPC
"I can immediately apply the skills learned from this workshop." Tavorn Strassburger LPC
"...thoroughly examined, explained, and answered questions..."  Terry Wynne LPC
5 NBCC Ethics Hours
New Dates! To Be Announced

2019 GA LPC Licensing Requirements

"Board Complaints: Understanding the Investigations Process"

5 HRs NBCC Ethics: A former composite board president
teaches you how to quickly and
accurately resolve ethical dilemmas.

•  "...the least torturous ethics workshop I have attended." - Jaclyn Devore
•  "I wish I had taken this ethics workshop when I was initially licensed." -Tamara Ashley
5 NBCC Ethics Hours
New dates to be announced!

Whereas there are many professional association codes of ethics, if you want to maintain your license the Composite Board uses  Rule Chapter 135-7 "Code of Ethics" in it’s enforcement of licensee complaints.

The purpose of this workshop is to explain the process by which complaints are investigated. Participants bring actual ethical dilemmas for guidance.

Course Objectives:
1) Demonstrate understanding of the process of composite board complaints.
2) Through a line by line analysis of 135-7 demonstrate an understanding

of how composite board ethics are applied.
3) Gain an understanding of how boundary crossings deteriorate into

ethics boundary violations ( view course dedicated to Dual Relationships and Boundary Issues)  and how this can be remedial and implemented in professional practice.
4) Participants will learn how to quickly and accurately resolve ethical dilemmas.

"Telemental Health: After The Dust Settles"

Coming soon! Digital and virtual counseling is rapidly advancing. Every system has vulnerabilities and points of exploitation of information. HIPAA compliance does not cover the irreconcilable dilemmas of treating clients via the web. Learn the future of  safe telemental health.

Course Objectives:
1) Participants will learn to develop a simple and safe system that

protects the client and your license.
2) Demonstrate understanding of the impact of electronic interactions

on telemental health risk.
3) Demonstrate understanding of low risk and safe electronic communications.

"DSM V: Understanding Perceptual Disturbance"