Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision for LPC / APC

Expert and Affordable Individual LPC Supervision

sarah sibley fleming testimonial

"Eric taught me not only the fundamentals for being a good therapist but through his modeling shared his passion for the profession which has continued to inspire me..." - Sarah Sibley Fleming APC

auriawn anderson intern

"Eric is a very hands on, intellectual
and motivational mentor!" - AuriAwn Anderson, Intern

Former President; Composite Board of Professional Counselors Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists. I have reviewed over 7000 LPC applications so you can be sure I'll help you submit the best application possible. 

My Goal is Your Goal

I have over 20 years of experience in practice and can help you work through challenging cases. Suicidal and personality disorder traits and managing boundaries. I supervise with confidence and instill that confidence in you.

It's critical you read and are familiar with board rules. I assure you, as a result of supervision with me you will understand the board rules better than 80% of licensees --including seasoned clinicians and supervisors.

Unethical conduct of co-workers

Many work settings are hazardous. I can help you manage your clinical practice to minimize risk to your license. 

At whichever point you terminate supervision with me, we will immediately compare notes and complete your supervision form. No worries about locating me months or even years later to provide your completed supervision form.

A Former Ethics Complaint Investigator

Many licensees seek my variety of services because of my hands-on experience enforcing the state ethics law and rules for therapists. While serving my licensing board appointment I processed over 200 patient complaints against licensees.

Are you ready to build a successful practice?