Georgia Composite Board Code of Ethics

georgia composite board code of ethics

How Critical is the Georgia Composite Board Code of Ethics?

The Georgia Composite Board code of ethics is the primary source for making decisions about disciplinary action. NBCC and other ethics codes can even conflict with Georgia Board's ethics for counselors, SW and MFT's.

It is the most important of all ethics codes.

This code of ethics at chapter 135-7 are directly related to keeping your license. As a former board member who made formal judgements on over 200 state licensee complaints, I am happy to educate peers about this in any way possible,

I also provide a 5 CE hour Ethics "Avoiding Board Complaints" workshop. It is a unique opportunity to learn what NOT to do, but even more importantly what you CAN do to design your practice in a manner that minimizes the chances of some of the most common social worker, counselor and MFT code of ethics violations and consequent licensing board complaints.

A helpful starting point is this Art of Reading GA Board Rules.

The Composite Board of PC, SW and MFT Code of Ethics is a 7 section rule chapter organized by ethical violations. All states that issue and regulate psychotherapy licenses have a code of ethics. It is either contained in their rule or state law. 

georgia composite board code of ethics

Where can I find Code of ethics for LPC SW and MFT in Georgia?

Here are the Composite Board rules. Attest to the copyright notice and the composite board rules will load onto the page. Locate chapter 135-5. You may want to copy and paste in a MS Word document and save to your computer for future reference.

The GA Counselor Code of Ethics,  Chapter 135-7.

The code of ethics is organized by chapter as follows:

135-7-01 Responsibility to Clients
135-7-02 Integrity
135-7-03 Confidentiality
135-7-04 Responsibility to Colleagues
135-7-05 Assessment of Instruments
135-7-06 Research
135-7-07 Advertising and Professional Representation