Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Atlanta Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps people see faulty or irrational thinking patterns and beliefs. The therapist employs various techniques to correct these distortions. Some techniques are subtle. Some are direct and confrontive. cognitive behavioral therapySome are a combination of these two. The belief is that by correcting faulty thinking, people are also able to change their self defeating behaviors. Subsequent behavioral interventions may involve homework or exercises.

Probably many and even most therapists use a degree of cognitive interventions in their therapy with clients. I primarily combine subtle cognitive approaches through highlighting of distorted thinking. And I combine this with psychodynamic and approaches that result in improved insight on unhealthy behaviors. I have been successful treating a variety of struggles including substance abuse, unhealthy relationship patterns, grief, PTSD and unhealthy behaviors that result from rigid and inflexible thinking. You can learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy here.