What is the Average Cost for Counseling Services?

Clients pay for my counseling through:

Private/ Out of Pocket Pay

Insurance: I accept the large health insurance plans: Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna and United Healthcare. I may accept other insurance (it can be difficult to always know). That will partly be determined by whether insurance specifically indicates I am a network provider. Each insurance plan pays for mental health differently. You may have a deductible. You may have a copay. Insurance may pay 100% which means you pay nothing out of pocket.

The Initial Evaluation for Depression/Anxiety Mental Health

Many have never had a comprehensive evaluation for the spectrum of mental, emotional, social, addiction and relationship struggles. Even clients who may decide to not return for counseling are appreciative of what they learn about themselves through this evaluation. One of the most valuable being the self defeating ways we cope with stress. For example, it is usually not healthy to cope through escape or avoidance in the face of conflict with significant others since it results in the shutdown of communication.

When you call, I will ask a few brief questions about prior experience with therapy and how you want me to help. Feel free to call me to schedule at 404-985-6785 or schedule an instant appointment. Eric-