Downloads for Therapists

Dear Workshop Attendees and Peers:

In addition to LPC, some of the content of these documents is applicable for LCSW and LMFT supervisors. As described in my supervision workshop, the most important concept applies to all three GA Composite Board licensing specialties: we have a peer relationship with our supervisees and are both responsible for maintaining our licenses. Still, the forms will need to be modified to meet specific licensing requirements for these other specialties. Feel free to share this link with your friends/ peers.

Here is more helpful information about diagnosing and avoiding board complaints. The diagnose law SB 319 is very convoluted and awkwardly written. Also, sections of that law are probably unenforceable as they conflict with statutory powers granted to many of the state of Georgia healthcare boards including what is the law of Composite Board of PC SW and MFT.  Based upon board experience, rules that will be passed by the Composite Board may be consequently repealed and replaced. Visit this page regularly as the updates I provide will be factual, provide solid information, and the most reliable information available for this recent GA LPC SW and MFT Diagnose Law passed July 2016.

I did not include a download link for the Financial Arrangements Agreement because it actually is very brief: be certain it covers fees, consequences and charges for late cancellation, forms of payment. You may opt to offer a different fee structure for advance payment of multiple sessions but design that carefully as it could result in a refund of balance disagreement.

Supervisee Application

Supervisee Agreement